Rainmaking secrets from the samurai


Have you heard of ju-jutsu?

It’s an ancient Japanese martial art.

The thing that separates ju-jitsu from many other forms of the martial arts is that it focuses on manipulating the opponent’s force against themselves, rather than confronting it with one’s own force.

So the warrior doesn’t waste a single ounce of energy.

Rather, the stronger the opponent, the greater the power at the command of the warrior – because it can all be used to trounce the opponent.

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The Big Mistake Every Wealth Firm is Making


I’ll throw you a challenge.

I’ll make it super easy for you too.

I’ll give you blurbs from the websites of a few really top-notch wealth management firms.

You don’t need to tell me which blurb references which firm.

You’ll just have to tell me where one firm ends and the next one begins – or how many different firms are represented, if you like.

It’s a bit like going shopping and figuring out all the storefronts you see so you can decide which ones might carry the kind of stuff you like.

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Help clients buy


I have a confession to make.

I hate selling. Like seriously hate selling.

It makes me want to run for the hills instantly and not reappear for weeks, coronavirus or not. To add to that, I am a certified, card-carrying introvert so you have the perfect recipe for a business development disaster. 

Perhaps you’re like that too.

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New business development is very much like Google search.

You know it has what you need.

You can’t live without it.

Sometimes it can get you results lightning fast, and you’re cruising.

Other times you can tear your hair out in frustration.

But as crazy as it looks, you know there is a method to its madness.

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