Rainmaking Made Simple

An Easier Way to Get New Business

Getting new clients in your financial business isn’t like selling widgets.

It’s based entirely on trust.

Trust that is built slowly and consistently over time.

Truth is, you can no longer rely on the old “tried-and-true” methods that worked in the past.

You have to be THE go-to source for their problem.

But that’s not enough.

You also have to be where your market is.

And they’re everywhere – online AND offline.

But you can’t blindly “lift and shift” all the latest digital gimmicks that flood the internet, either.

So, what’s the answer?

You need a standout platform that helps you and your message stand out to your audience.

A platform that

  • blends the old and the new
  • is online and offline, and
  • perfectly aligns with how you build your business.

To do this well, you need DIY tools that market for you 24/7.

Tools and content that demonstrate your credibility and empathy, simply and clearly.

So your message cuts to the heart of your audience’s worries and fears.

But you’re a busy financial professional who has the day job of helping your clients with their finances – not building marketing platforms and creating content.

That’s why we’re here.

The Wealth Marketer helps you build your rainmaking platform with effective, practical do-it-yourself marketing tools – easily, effortlessly and naturally. So you can focus on the work you really want to do.

The Driving Force


When there is a flood of financial marketing sites, services and products already on the internet, why did we start another marketing venture?

Here’s why:

  • A “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t going to cut it anymore in the new world – you need to stand out. But nobody shows you how.
  • Content is absolutely critical to establishing your credibility. But finding good content today is harder than finding water to drink when drowning in the ocean.
  • The kicker: content isn’t enough – you also need simple DIY tools that even a busy professional can use quickly and effectively.

When we looked around, we didn’t find a way for financial professionals to do this right – so we decided to build it.

We are committed to providing:

  • A focus on you and your day-to-day challenges as an individual rainmaker
  • menu of choices and options that you can pick and choose based on what your needs and capacity are at any given moment – both free and paid.
  • Freedom to ramp up your engagement slowly, without being hard-sold a big package of services or products that you must commit to, upfront, without having any opportunity to test their value for yourself
  • Ability to learn as you go, and upgrade your marketing skills, without having to delegate all your marketing to a “black-box” service – after all, who knows your business and clients better than you do? 

The bottom line?

We want to help you build business the way you aspire to do it now – by offering a unique, stand-out and distinctive platform that makes you the ONLY choice for your ideal client. 

With tools and techniques that are more in tune with current times.

Metrics do matter. Discipline does count. And empathy is critical.

The magic is in bringing all these elements together in a harmonious blend that makes it look and feel natural to build new relationships in your business.

If you’re in the same camp, welcome aboard!

“”When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.”

–Stephen R. Covey

About the Founder

Shubha K. Chakravarthy is a financial services veteran with over two decades of experience in premier organizations including McKinsey & Company, Allstate Financial, and HSBC.

She has an MBA (High Honors) from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and MS (Honors) in Financial Markets and Trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology.


Shubha is so passionate about marketing and wealth management that she made a complete career switch from her life in lending, dedicating almost two years to studying and understanding the wealth management industry. She has a strong focus on marketing and on underserved segments, especially women’s financial needs.


She’s passionate about marketing, strategy, content and anything that makes personal money management easier.


When she’s not obsessing over every last nuance of marketing financial services (she’s a geek like that), Shubha is busy keeping her family in running order, indulging her love of cooking,  and volunteering in K-12 educational stewardship.


She’s also learning to get comfortable writing in the third person about herself.